7 floor exercises that melt fat

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elbow-cracks-pushupsThere is no denying that the most effective way to lose body fat is through physical workouts. If you are all geared to lose fat and tone your body, you need to spend at least an hour in a gym. You can also perform workouts at home that offer effective results to melt body fat. Some of the best floor workouts to eliminate additional fat have been explained in brief below.

1.Rolling Plank Workout

Lie on the floor or mat sideways and use right leg and elbow to support your body. Your elbow should be placed perpendicular to the arms and left leg on your right one ensuring that they are together. Your knees should be straightened and hips should not touch the ground. Stay in this position for 30 seconds and once you get accustomed to it, you can extend for a minute or two more.


One of the best methods of burning calories and melt additional body fat is through cardio workouts like walking. It is one of the most beneficial workouts that burn away all body fat including your belly fat. In addition, you can incorporate a healthy diet and 30 to 40 minutes of brisk walking for 5 days a week. You will notice reduced weight in no time. It is a low impact workout that also improves your metabolism.


It is a basic workout that is performed by lifting our body and bringing it down with the help of your arms. Similarly triceps pushups are done by positioning your hands on the ground below your arms while keeping your body straight. Thereafter, your chest needs to be lowered by folding your elbows and moving it back the initial position.


Lie down on your back and place your arms sideways. Slowly, try to bend your knees and lift your hips, but ensure that your back is straightened. Place your feet on the ground and allow your hips to be in straight position in line with knees and shoulders. Pause for 30 seconds and bring back your hips gently to the initial position. Follow the same process as many times as you can.


This is a great exercise to eliminate body fat. You need to be in a semi squat posture and hop sideways to land on the right foot. Follow the same process in the other direction and land on the left foot. These leaps when performed regularly also help in strengthening your legs.


You can squat in a manner to sit or couch with bent knees towards the heels. Your thighs should be parallel to the ground. It is a total body exercise that mainly focuses on buttocks, thighs and hips. Repeat the process several times.

7.Walking lunges

Stand tall on the floor and place your feet at shoulder width distance. Put one step forward ensuring that your right foot is on your knee and on forefoot soon after. Place your knees at 90 degrees position. Bring your leg forward using your rear leg and adjust the position of the leg. Follow the same process several times.

These are great exercises to eliminate additional fat stored in the body.